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VIDEO: Did A Man Lean In And Smell Kamala Harris During Live NCAA Game?

A man leaned in behind Vice President Kamala Harris at the NCAA Howard vs. Kansas basketball game today, swiftly attracting attention on social media.

Harris attended the game as an alum who graduated in 1986 with a degree in political science and economics.

During the contest, a man standing behind Harris was caught on camera leaning in to her, leading many to believe he was smelling her.

However, a full angle of the video makes it appear that the man leaning in so that another woman standing behind Harris could whisper in his ear.

It does not appear that the man was actually smelling Harris, nonetheless, the humorous idea quickly took off on social media.

The incident quickly attracted attention on social media. Some drew attention to President Joe Biden’s habit of smelling women, and drew a comparison between the two.

“Well, sincerely, we hope he’s going to be okay,” Fox’s Tucker Carlson said last year following Biden’s Covid diagnosis. “We do know he’s going to lose his sense of smell, maybe forever. What does that mean? No more sniffing little girls.”

“If you’re Joe Biden and your main source of pleasure at this late stage in your life is sniffing the hair of unsuspecting, defenseless little girls and now you can’t even smell it, imagine that,” Carlson continued. “Let’s say you’re riding your bike and you see a little girl and you think ‘I’d love to sniff her hair. Oh, man. No sense of smell.’”

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