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Sacramento Bee Eats Crow After Claiming Charlie Kirk Called to ‘Lynch’ Transgenders

Ah, crow. Best served piping hot on fine chy-na. That’s exactly how Northern California-based newspaper The Sacramento Bee enjoyed it!

The paper apologized for FALSELY stating that Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk called to “lynch” transgenders.

Kirk was scheduled to speak at the University of California Davis on Tuesday when Sacramento Bee opinion writer Hannah Holzer accused him of being “another fascist” and then straight up lied, claimimg that that he wants to lynch transgender people.

“Among his most atrocious comments, Kirk suggested transgender people, who he has referred to as ‘garbage,’ ought to be lynched,” Holzer wrote, adding that Kirk is a “vocal transphobe and Donald Trump fanatic” who has “turned controversy into money for years.”

Where does the left come up with their ludicrous lies?? Is there a group effort or do they think of these colorful stories on their own?

Holzer’s claims came from an out-of-context video in which Kirk said that men guised as a transgender woman changing in the women’s locker room should be taken care of  “the way we used to take care of things in the 1950s and 60s.”

After Holzer’s lies, the Bee also tweeted, “Charlie Kirk has called for the lynching of trans people, a comment that should warrant the cancellation of his speaking engagement at UC Davis.”

Yikes. Maybe they should vet their writers a little better. Especially considering the fact that Kirk is now considering suing the newspaper for libel.

“This is defamation and libel. We will sue unless it is corrected,” Kirk tweeted. “Left-wing rags like the SacBee are allowed to platform lies against conservatives and get away with it. Time for lawfare.”

He added,”Here’s THE TRUTH Swimmer Riley Gaines joined my show and told how Lia Thomas exposed himself in the girls’ locker room. I said we ‘should go back to the 50s and 60s’ meaning local law enforcement would have interceded, or parents would have boycotted the event.”

“I NEVER once used the word ‘lynching’ nor did it even cross my mind. In fact, I called specifically for PEACE, but they don’t want you to see that part,” Kirk concluded.

It was only after Kirk threatened to sue that the Bee took out the part about “lynching” and changed “fascist” to “far-right”:

An earlier version of this column included a statement that Charlie Kirk had ‘called for the lynching of trans people.’ The basis for this accusation is a video clip in which Kirk was upset that a trans woman had won an NCAA swimming championship. In the clip, Kirk said that instead of letting the woman compete, ‘Someone should have took (sic) care of it the way we used to take care of things in the 1950s and 60s.’

The Bee continued:

Some trans advocates on social media extrapolated from Kirk’s comments that he called for trans people to be lynched – an accusation The Bee repeated. But a review of the video shows that Kirk never advocated for trans people to be lynched. In fact, he strongly denies the accusation. These notes have been added to the column. The Bee regrets its comments and we apologize for any misunderstanding this earlier version may have caused.

The newspaper also added Kirk’s entire quote and commented, “Some trans activists wondered if Kirk was referring to potential violence associated with mid-century America, but he strongly denied this on Twitter.”

Keely Compson

Keely Compson

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